Do you know Renuka Shahane is two year elder then her second husband Ashutosh Rana


A day after the gruesome murder of a seven-year-old in premises of Ryan International School, Gurgaon and rape of minor in a Delhi school, Bollywood actress Renuka Shahane has written a long post on Facebook. Renuka Shahane says that she is totally shocked, horrified, dismayed by the brutal murder of the child at Ryan and rape of a minor by a peon in another school in the national capital. Renuka writes and asks, “How do we make things safe for our kids?

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Being a mother of two, Renuka expressed her concern about how careless the school authorities are. She opened up about how schools have failed to protect a child that the parents sent to their schools, putting their 100 per cent trust in them.

Born on 7 October 1966, Renuka studied Arts (Psychology major) from St. Xavier’s College & then Post graduation in Clinical Psychology from Mumbai University.

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Shahane started her career with the Marathi film ‘Hach Sunbaicha Bhau’ and has done many Marathi Films. She then worked in the popular TV show, ‘Surabhi’. Renuka was among the top lead actresses of Indian television in 90’s.

Renuka Shahane divorced her first husband. The first marriage was short-lived. Renuka’s ex-husband Vijay Kenkre is not a known personality and is not an actor, but it was a marriage made with love. She then found love with Ashutosh Rana with whom she has two sons, Shauryaman and Satyendra.

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It was on the sets of the movie Jayati, by Hansal Mehta, where Ashutosh and Renuka met for the first time. Singer Rajeshwari Sachdev introduced the two to each other. Ashutosh had seen Renuka’s work, but she was oblivious to his stints and to him too. On meeting Renuka, Ashutosh very politely remarked: “Hum aapke bade prashansak hain.”

Renuka was overwhelmed by it, but there was no contact between them for several months. It all started again when director Ravi Ravi hosted a Diwali party which Renuka, unfortunately, could not attend. The next day, Renuka received a voice mail from Ashutosh, wishing her Diwali. Those voice mails were followed by a few more voice mails and rest, as they say, is history!

Like every love story, this one too had a few glitches. While Renuka had some doubts because of her previous short-lived marriage, Ashutosh had no qualms about their compatibility.There was one more thing that made Renuka’s mother feel a little apprehensive about this match. In Renuka’s words: “My mother was very tense, not because it was my second marriage, but due to Ashutosh’s family background. His family, which hails from a little hamlet in Madhya Pradesh, consists of twelve members.”

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Renuka and Ashutosh wanted to have a traditional wedding with just immediate friends and family in the gathering. After two and a half years of long courtship, the couple decided to tie the knot in Damoh, Madhya Pradesh, the birthplace of Ashutosh.

The idea was to have an intimate wedding, but it turned into a royal affair because of the couple’s fan following. When they reached Damoh, the entire station was filled with their fans who wanted to greet the young couple.

Having spent over 16 years and giving birth to two amazing sons, Shouryamana and Satyendra, Ashutosh and Renuka have surely come a long way.

After all these years, they have their own list of likes and dislikes. He believes their marriage is based on friendship and thinks all marriages today are. They love spending time together watching movies, plays, and having long discussions on theater.

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