This Shark Tank India Contestant Alleges Unfair Treatment By Judges Behind The Scenes


Despite its immense popularity with professional entrepreneurs, Shark Tank India is, after all, a reality show. We may like what we see on TV as it is specially designed for us. However, what happens behind the scenes can be a completely different story.

Judges of Shark Tank India
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Akshay Shah’ Comment On The Show

A good example is Akshay Shah, an entrepreneur who attended a show and pitched a product to sharks. But his experience was not what people assumed.

Shah also explains how the channel introduces contestants for the judges to invest money in.

Shah Says About Ashneer Grover

Shah also tears into the judges who do not understand the pitch and come up with pointless answers. For example, Shah claimed that Ashneer Glover said about his rise.

Shah also said that he tried to make his point in Hindi as the show did allow the use of English language. This is what he got.


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