7 Big Budget Bollywood Movies That Were Disastrous!


Many times we have seen in Bollywood that even the brilliant directors, big superstars and enormous budgets are not able to save a film from being a flop. Before their release, these movies were hyped and promoted a lot, they were the most awaited movies of that year, but when they hit the theaters, they failed badly. Audiences dismissed the films, they couldn’t leave a mark, they ended up becoming movies with highest loss. Some of these movies are not that bad, they got good reviews from the critics, but they were rejected by the people. These films became a disaster in terms of Box Office Collection.

Even the biggest stars of Bollywood like Hrithik Roshan, Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar had their share of flops. Their films are met with huge expectations. So not only their films must be well-made and entertaining, but it must also perform exceptionally well at the box-office. Producers invest a large amount of money on the films and these films are expected to perform well at the box-office. But when they don’t, it results in a huge loss for the producers. Bollywood has numerous big budget films, films that had a popular star cast, maverick director, but they flopped badly at the box office. These movies couldn’t even return the production cost.


SRK says, “No star is made on his or her own. I think 80% of what I am is because of them.”

10. “Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho to puri kayanat usey tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.” This dialogue from SRK’s movie ‘Om Shanti Om’ has some meanings attached to Shah Rukh’s real life as well.


One of Shah Rukh’s friends from Delhi, Benny Thomas told an incident of the days when he accompanied Shah Rukh to Mumbai during his struggling days. Benny told that Shah Rukh Khan, standing on the Marine Drive, in the backdrop of the setting sun, said, “I’ll rule this city one day.” Seems as if his God actually heard his inner voice.

Shah Rukh Khan’s those powerful words and his dedication towards his dreams gave us the Bollywood Badshah of today! On the birthday of such arrogant actor and an absolute humble star, we wish his films never end. We wish his era rule generations after generations.


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