10 Bollywood Stars who used Body Doubles in Movies, Catch Details


Bollywood produces a huge number of action films every year. Typically, the film’s action sequences are so popular that they play a significant role in the film’s popularity among box offices.

10 Bollywood stunt doubles who originally performs dangerous stunts

In terms of box office receipts, these films were big hits, and the audience loved them. Fans begin imitating their favourite superstar after seeing the action scenes in the film. But such films require the hero to put in more effort in those films. Stuntmen, on the other hand, execute the majority of the tough action sequences.

There are a few major movies in which the action scene is performed by a stuntman rather than our hero. Let’s know the real heroes behind these action scenes in the following movies.


Shraddha Kapoor

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The Indian actress and singer works predominantly in Hindi-language films. She has featured in listings of the most popular and the highest-paid actresses in India. She is also one of the most followed Indian actresses on Instagram. She was a brilliant student in her school days where she secured 95% in her 12th exam.


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