6 Bollywood Actors Who Got Emotional And Cried In Public


In this article, we will focus on several cases where celebrities have been in tears, even though they are in front of the camera.


6 Male B'wood stars who got emotional and cried in public, catch details

When he viewed a film of his trip in which they presented some of the footage of his town and many more, the veteran actor revered Dharmendra broke down during a singing reality programme on Sony TV. In another reality programme, India’s Got Talent, he sobbed after hearing a heartfelt performance.

Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan has also faced criticism for not being as successful as his father and wife. He won an award for best male actor, and when accepting the prize, he became overwhelmed and began sobbing on stage.

Sanjay Dutt

6 Male B'wood stars who got emotional and cried in public, catch details

Sanjay Dutt once made the headlines for the TADA scandal. While being taken to the jail by the Mumbai Police, Sanjay Dutt broke down and began weeping in front of the camera. Following such heinous acts, the incarceration and the ensuing controversies are extremely painful.


10. Emraan Hashmi – Bad boy

Obviously the OG lover boy and universal kisser. His films mostly had him the role of being the lover and the catch for girls. Most of his movies have shady plots and crime in it. The story mostly revolves around illegal betting, gang wars and mostly carry lusty aura around him.

emraan hashmi, bollywood film star

10. Rajpal Yadav

The comedian guy. No matter what the film is. we’re always used to see Rajpal being the comedian. His main role in a film is just to be the comedic aura beside the people and to give a film a comic relief.

rajpal yadav bhool bhulaiya

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