5 South Indian Stars Who Refused To Work In Bollywood Movies


you will be surprised to see how many successful South Indian stars have turned down Bollywood offers. These artists don’t feel that Bollywood is their cup of tea and is happy doing their respective regional films. Here is a list of such South Indian stars.

1. Allu Arjun

Allu Arjun is a ‘Huge’ name down the South. From making a breakthrough in Arya to smashing the box office records in Race Gurram, the handsome hunk of Telugu cinema has come a long way. It seems obvious that after making big in South Indian film industry, he might want to move to Bollywood to prove his mettle.

But Arjun rather sticks to his roots and a Bollywood debut is far from his plans right now. Even if he does make an appearance in a Bollywood film, it would be a smashing hit for sure.

Allu Arjun

2. Mahesh Babu

Though, many people up North drool over his good looks and charm, Mahesh Babu is contended with where he is. Two years ago, rumours started doing rounds that Babu will make a Bollywood debut with Businessman remake.

However, his fans’ dreams were shattered when he cleared the air and rubbished such rumours.

Mahesh Babu



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