10 Superhit Bollywood Movie Offers Rejected By Madhuri Dixit


Madhuri Dixit has been the beautiful Bollywood persona for forever now. But there are films which were offered to her but she initially had to rejected them. Either due to her very busy schedule or sometimes simply because she didn’t want to.

Below is the list of movies rejected by dhak dhak girl, Madhuri Dixit:

1. Aaina (1993) – Juhi Chawla

The role played by Juhi Chawla was initially pitched and offered to Madhuri Dixit. This film was mostly based on making people understand that beauty is temporary and arrogant because beauty can backfire in the worst possible ways.

Juhi played the role of a girl named Reema, who was a very shy and subtle kind of nerd during the beginning of the film, but by the end of it, she turns into a gorgeous and beautiful woman.

Movies rejected by Madhuri Dixit- Aaina

2. Silence: The Musical (1996) – Manisha Koirala

One of the best directed and cinematographed films Bollywood has ever made. Though it is very underrated and didn’t receive the exposure it deserved. Sanjay Leela Bhansali initially offered the main role to Madhuri Dixit first, because of her very busy schedule she turned the offer down. Later she worked in the film Devdas which was also by Bhansali.

khamoshi manisha koirala
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5. Maya In Bodyguard

What do we call the concoction of a snitch, backstabber, and snake? Maya! All the while she was fond of Divya and Lovely’s love story (so were we). But then, she ran off with Lovely, stabbing her best friend Chhaya!

Maya In Bodyguard (1)

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